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Bardiya (Bardia) Masterpiece
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Hi Don
Having revisited your recently updated web site of the Bardia Mural, I thought you might be interested in the enclosed attachments. During my time at El-Adem (early 59 - mid 60) the opportunity to visit Bardia never arose. But I did finally visit the Mural in 2005 when TEARS had a second return trip.
The party of around 50 enjoyed the opportunity to revisit Tobruk, Bardia, the surrounding area and battle fields of Tobruk and best of all the old RAF Station of El - Adem.

The first Photo is of a transparency of the Mural, which I must have purchased in Tobruk during my time there, because as I stated I hadn't seen the Mural for real until 2005, I suspect I may have purchased it at the "Photo Belhaula" shop in Tobruk, its a Kodak slide with (printed in the USA) on it. The second Photo is of 2 shots I took of the mural in 2005, crudly overlapped to show its size across the wall, as you can see its beginning to sadly deteriorate badly ,but gives an idea of its size with a view of the the ajoining walls.
The other thing it shows up is the "crack" in the wall across the table in the Mural. If you study the table in the tranparency, that "crack" shows up as a hair-line crack even over 40 Yrs ago !!. I have 3 other Photos which may interest you or one of your contributers anyway, they will follow in another email
Hope these will be of interest to you and your readers

Regards John Scurrell

Slide of the Mural 1959 Slide of the Mural 1959
Showing the length of the mural Showing the length of the mural

Relief above the mural Relief above the mural

Old Prison Entrance, Bardia
The entrance to the old prison, housing the mural.
Courtesy Major Mousa Saad